Schopfheimerstr. 2
79669 Zell im Wiesental

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Our small town - Zell in the meadow valley

Cell in the meadow valley, approx. 6000 inhabitants belongs, the geographic middle of the meadow valley forms.
The town itself lies in the midst of a pelvic-shaped valley extension, to the hermit monk washbasin, surround from 600 ms of high, about 1000 ms of rising mountains.
The meadow pulls through the place and divides him into two halves. Cell one is as it were from three house mountains
surround: the high Mohr high with 985 ms situated to the south, with his tower
great panoramic panorama offers, the close, Schanzle situated to the north (686m) and to
District to nobility mountain-blue belonging hermit monk to blue, with his 1079-m height to
to the nicest still unexploited Black Forest mountains belongs.

Directly in the little Stade itself offers the Texttielmuseum also during sunny days interesanntes about the earlier Textielherstellung. The swan pond, embedded in a small Parklandschaft, is a place of the rest, hides in the middle of the town around the simply sometimes soul to let dangle.

The todays town Cell one owes her origin to the Fridolinsmonchen of the cloister
Bath Sackingen. The monks built about 1000 at first a cella, a small wooden chapel, them as
Residential site one or several cells added - hence, there comes the name of the todays town.